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this disease. and yet there is this law that makes us look like we're criminal. >> at least 42 states in two u.s. territories have laws that criminalize activities of people that have hiv. not disclosing your status to a sexual partner can land you in jail. so can spitting on somebody or biting if you have the disease. often it doesn't matter if you transmit the virus. in fact, the man that slept with rhodes never got hiv. last year, congresswoman barbara lee introduced legislation to get rid of these state laws. >> many offenses receive a lesser sentence than the transmission of hiv. and these laws, again, they're archaic, wrong, they need to be looked at. >> prosecutor scott burns agrees that the laws need updating, but says a repeal could be a mistake. >> any time somebody knows they have hiv or aids doesn't disclose that to the other party, i think is wrong. i think there should be a sanction. i just don't think you do that in america. and i think most prosecutors would agree with me. >> rhodes and subtle now work for a group that fights stigma and discrimination, trying to make the case tha
truths about prescription drug abuse in the u.s. why it's much easier than you think to take that deadly dose. "dr. sanjay gupta md" starts right now. [ sirens ] >> this is a drug overdose call. every 19 minutes in the united states, someone dies of an accidental overdose. >> this is crazy. not a single solitary one of these people has to die. >> we're used to thinking of it starting here, looking like this. but something happened in this country. and now increasingly, it starts here, in your own home. >> went to sleep, he had no idea this was going to be his last night on earth. >> were misusing perfectly legal prescription drugs. taking a deadly toes. dose. ♪ [ phone ringing ] >> this is deborah. >> hello. i'm a little concerned i may have taken something that wasn't good for me on accident. [ phone ringing ] >> i took methadone from my grandpa. >> okay. >> and they were ten milligrams. >> what you're listening to are actual calls at the washington poison center in seattle. >> just drowsy, okay. >> and lately, more and more of them sound something like this. >> yesterday i took about
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)